About Us

Hello there !Welcome to the Pretty Bonito Design page!

We are Diana and Natalia the Pretty Bonito Team, Founders and Creative Directors of Pretty Bonito Design. As foreigners, we struggled to find exceptional, creative and customized gifts which we had grown used to in our native Colombia. So, we decided to create our own business to make this possible.

After combining our appreciation and experience with industrial design, marketing and our love for delightful and gorgeous gifts, Pretty Bonito Design was born. With drive and enthusiasm, we turned our dream into reality, bringing a spark of joy/love through beautiful and customized gifts.

We love creating unforgettable moments for those you love with a gorgeous and unique gift delivered to their home or workplace.

Although our speciality are our gift hampers, we also offer personalised wine glasses, cards, t-shirts, hats, balloons, party decorations and so much more… We can bring to life most creative ideas you have.

We want to invite you to discover Pretty Bonito, a new and unique way not only to give a gift but to make a special moment more memorable.


  • Felipe Diez
    We rely on the work of Pretty Bonitto for all our events, fulfillment and quality.
    Felipe Diez
    Events Australia